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Jun. 27th, 2013 10:01 am
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I had to make a cheese and crackers platter for Adalie's last day of school (today) festivities (not to be outdone Aridine decided she needed to bring rice krispie treats for her class) so I did my best to cut up some cheese which started damn near melting the minute I took the brick out of the fridge so I made a plate of poorly cut cheese slices and crackers. It kinda looked like my 6 year old did it... I might even lie and say that she did ;)

Me: Do you think the first graders are going to judge me based on my crappy cheese slicing skills?
Lee: um, no, no I don't think they'll care they;ll just be too busy shoving them in their little sticky faces.
Me: See this is why I can't be on the PTA, I suck at all this Martha Stewart stuff, like this shit gives me serious anxiety.
Lee: that's kinda silly.
Me: no really I can hang off the rafters from my ankles at the bar, no panic attack, but ask me to make a cheese plate for some first graders and I'm freaking out over doing wrong.
Lee: well on the bright side you're probably not going to jail?
Me: over my crappy cheese plate?
Lee: well think about it, Martha went to jail and she'd never have made a cheese plate that looks like this.
Me: that's a great point.


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